No cookies - No tracking

Why I chose not to use cookies and why I'm not tracking your moves

What are cookies for

Cookies are small pieces of information stored locally on your computer. They can be a fundamental part of constructing a well-functioning web page.
They can store information about you, your personal requirements within a page, logins etc.
They can also contain unique ID's of your browser session and as that, be used as tracking targets. More about that below.
Cookies cannot contain viruses etc. - They can however lead your browser to malicious pages and as that act as a kind of "viruses".

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are small pictures or text information unique to the specific browser session. By placing a unique ID-cookie on your computer, tracking companies can follow your moving around internet by asking your browser about the information in that specific cookie.

How can tracking create value?

If someone has enough information about you and your preferences, they will be able to construct a very precise picture of you as customer. That's worth a lot of money as knowing about you makes it more easy to target personalized commercials and sales techniques. I.e. make you by stuff you don't need.

Why I have chosen not to use cookies

I think cookies are good for some purposes. They can be crucial in construction a well-functioning web page.
My main concern about cookies are the EU-laws concerning cookies and how we have to "accept" use of cookies on every page we visit.

The cookie-laws are thought to protect people from being tracked without knowing and accepting it.
The main problem arises when you have to "accept cookies" 200 times a day, everyday. You get tired. You just click OK as usual.
There's a very big difference in "knowing and accepting" and "knowing, thinking and on that basis, selecting an action".
Today's cookie law wears us out and we become simple "accept-button-activators", not wondering what kind of information we give away by our browsing, not wondering why that information are worth money.

Stupid laws makes people act stupid!

My pages has one target - To inform the visitors about the services I offer. No more, no less!
So I have chosen not to use cookies.

Why I do not track you

It might be a good thing to be able to see if people like your new page or why they buy your services?
Why not use the possibilities to gain more outcome from your page?

Because I already know what I need to know. I gain less than nothing from tracking my customers, but the tracking companies gets another feed supplying them information from internet users. Tracking companies makes money from me tracking my customers!
I can ask my customers if I want to know more. I can see how they react on my outputs by using my sound human knowledge on their feedback. I gain experience.
And I'm not a part of a bigger business exploiting and targeting people with endless streams of personalized commercials, making them buy stuff they don't need.

If positive changes comes to the cookie law, I have no problems using cookies to make my page better or implementing new functions.
I can be forced to use cookies to add special functions to my page - Though I'll try to avoid it as long as the cookie law looks as it does for now.

The only data I collect about you as a user at my pages are what I can collect from my webserver logs, Google Site Verification and feedback as emails/phone.

I will never use tracking again - I have tried once - And I do all possible to avoid tracking myself and so should you!