Technical Support - Electronics and Mechanics Repair

All kinds of hardware - From ancient amplifiers or engines to computers and smartphones!

Important information regarding corona pandemic!

I carry out service, repairs and modifications on:

I have years of experience in solving common as well as uncommon problems and bugs on a wide range of tech gear - From medium sized marine engines to computers and old amplifiers.
Indoor & outdoor equipment as well as land-based or sea-based.

If you hear "impossible to repair" or "too expensive", that "it will never work" or "sorry, you've lost your data" - Try give me a call - Maybe the solution is right ahead!

I've specialized in solving problems and tasks other just gave up on or don't want to work with for some reason. Also outdated equipment I care for, as there might be a reason it was still in use until it broke.

When the going gets tough, I have a wide network of dedicated experts I can involve. Spares will be found or produced as needed.

My goal is to solve your problem as quick as possible with minimum waste of time and money.

The workshop is open - Please write me an email or short message for an appointment.
It can be pretty hard to catch me on phone, so please write.